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Unfortunately there were some errors in the first printing of the 4th. edition of A Course in Phonetics. On the IPA chart on the inside of the cover page, in the consonant chart, the symbol for a retroflex plosive is wrong, and should be as shown below:

The vowel chart also had a number of errors as shown below: The red circle items were wrong or omitted, the blue circle items were badly shaped.

 In Chapter 5, Table 5.5 has been printed with 5 columns instead of four. It should be as follows:

Table 5.5. (1) Optional pre-nuclear pitch accents on stressed syllables (2)Nuclear pitch accents (3)Phrase accents (4)Boundary tones.

1 2 3 4
H* H*
L* L*
L + H* L + H* L- H%
L* + H L* + H
H + !H* H + !H* H- L%
(!H*) (!H*)